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What?!?! You Gave Me What Virus? How to Stay Safe Online

Online dating can be a fun and rewarding experience. The problem, is some people like to take advantage of the daters. Read on to see the number way to protect yourself online. Continue reading


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Types of Women to Avoid When Dating-Online or Off

It takes all types! Find out which types on women will make your life harder to live-even though you might love them. Continue reading

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Online Dating: Not A Game Anymore

When some men sign up for an online dating site, they tend to think it is all a game. Not anymore it isn’t, and they need to learn what women really want from them to have a chance at any kind of relationship. Continue reading


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The Evolution of Online Dating-And Why You Should Give It A Try

Online Dating used to be only for the scum of the Earth but over the last decade it has turned into a real time saver for real people. Continue reading

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