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Online Attitude & Presence

When you are dating online, it’s always good to behave properly-you don’t want to make them think you are an animal after all… Continue reading

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Are You a Professional Dater? Do You Know Someone Who Is?

There comes a time when spending too much time online goes from too much and turns into addition. Continue reading


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3 Ways to Keep Your Online Relationship Going

When having a relationship online, it can sometimes be difficult keeping it going. Here are some tips on how you can keep the anticipation alive and your relationship fresh and alive for a long time to come. Continue reading

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The #1 Hands Down Reason Why Online Dating Beats Blind Dating

Online dating has been around for years and becomes more popular with every passing one. So why, then, do people still rely on blind dates? I Don’t really know, but read on to see why online dating beats blind dating any day! Continue reading

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Cougars & Their Boy Toys:Why Should Older Men Have All the Fun?

The trend of older women, called Cougars, dating younger men is fast becoming a trend the world sees as morally wrong. Are you about to give up someone you love because someone else thinks its wrong? Continue reading

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5 Step Guide to Online Dating for Beginners

Online dating is successful at times. Other times, the problem is beginners have no idea where to start or what to do once they sign up for a site’s services. Follow this 5 step guide to get started at finding the love of your life online. Continue reading

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7 (Mostly) Unknown Secrets of Women Part 5: Sexy Women & The Difference Between Their Words & Their Actions

Women and the difference between what they say and do… There si a difference, but it might not be what you expect! Read on and see what this week secret is! Continue reading

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