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7 (Mostly) Unknown Secrets of Women Part 6: This is a Test of the Womenly Right to Pick & Choose

Part Six of 7 Mostly Unknown Secrets- Did you know you were being tested of your ability to me a man in just the right ways? Of course not, so keep reading to see how… Continue reading

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How to Keep the Magic Alive in a Relationship

Keeping a relationship going depends on you as much as it depends on what you do with it. Read on for some tips on how to keep the flame lit. Continue reading


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7 (Mostly) Unknown Secrets of Women-Part 4-Women Don’t Want Candy & FLowers!

Candy & flowers are so cliche… We want to know that men love us and are willing to prove it with a specialized gift. Read on and learn how to win our hearts… Continue reading


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7 (Mostly) Unknown Facts About Women-Part 2

Read about a whole new approach to dating with these 7 secrets exposing all the information women don’t want you to have! Part one of a 7 part series. Continue reading

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